Office: 01476 860 385 Launch point: 01476 347496 Email: office at buckminstergc co uk

Park and Glide

We are a friendly and expert bunch of glider pilots who soar over the Vale of Belvoir and Rutland Water. If you'd like to experience silent flight, you can buy a range of flights directly from this web site. Soaring up in a thermal is a magical experience, each gust quietly lifts you closer to cloud base and at the top of a climb you can race across the blue to the next thermal. You hear and feel each gust and the view is unlike anything you'll get from a powered aeroplane. Our experienced instructors can take you for a single flight over the beautiful Vale of Belvoir or teach you how to fly solo. To try silent flight, call 01476 860 385 or use this link.

Gift packs

If you are looking for an unusual present or a treat for yourself, have a look at the Gift Packs we sell here. We fly on most days of the year depending on the weather, although strong winds and low clouds can stop us, ring the office in the morning to enquire about plans for flying.

Chris Davison talks about flying the simulator wearing VR goggles. Pete Shepherd visits a US…

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