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Glider flights make great Christmas presents

Come and experience silent flight over the Vale of Belvoir.  Whether you’ve been gliding before, or this is your first time,   you’ll enjoy the quiet rush of air and spectacular views across to Nottingham and Rutland Water.

Christmas offer

During December take advantage of our special offer on our Silver and Gold vouchers, use the voucher any time in 2018.

The Silver package is for an aero tow with a free winch launch, £95. The Gold package is for a one day gliding course with a free aero tow, £222.

You can buy either of these from this web site using Paypal.  Or phone the club’s office, 01476 860 385  or email us, office at

Have a look at these videos to see what we mean.

Gliding, 40 minutes from Nottingham

We are based at a former war-time base called Saltby airfield,   just a 40 minute drive from Nottingham, three miles from the A1 south of Grantham.  Find us on a map.

On a summer day we regularly fly for an hour or more, soaring up on the same thermals that buzzards and red kites use.  The summer sun heats fields and sends bubbles of warm air up into the colder layers.  Our game is to find these invisible elevators and fly in circles to stay within the plume.

Glider pilots feel these updrafts as a waggle of the wings or a bump in the seat of the pants.  Lift often gets stronger the higher you soar, until you’re brushing past fair weather clouds.

Choose between an exhilarating winch launch (0 – 60mph in 4 seconds ) or a sedate aero tow behind a tug aircraft.

Before your flight the instructor will brief you about what to expect and explain that she or he will do all of the flying.  Our instructors are trained by the British Gliding Association, and have vast flying experience, but they still glide for fun rather than pay.

Make an afternoon of your visit by dropping into a lovely rustic pub, The Cross Swords at Skillington, The Wheel at Branston or The Martins Arms at Colston Bassett.

Enjoy a cup of tea at the launch point and chat to other pilots, or just close your eyes and listen to the sky larks.

If you’ve got any questions about the offer, please call us 01476 860 385.  Happy soaring.