Park and glide

Buckminster Gliding Club is situated in the heart of the East Midlands, conveniently between Nottingham, Leicester, Grantham, Oakham and Stamford. We are a friendly bunch of pilots and expert instructors at a site open to the public 7 days a week.

Winch launch

Soaring in Summer

Gliding is an exhilarating sport and we offer people of all ages, except the very young, the chance to sample the experience of silent, powerless flight with a British Gliding Association instructor. If the weather conditions permit, we soar in currents of rising air, sometimes sharing thermals with Buzzards and Red Kites. Come and see the rural countryside and nearby Belvoir Castle from a different angle! It is not as expensive as you may think – the sheer excitement of a winch launch could cost as little as £50, whereas as a more sedate aerotow launch, but longer flight, would cost around £90.


For those that get hooked on gliding, we offer training through various packages at very affordable prices. Once qualified as a solo pilot you could go on to enjoy the many challenges that lie ahead such as aerobatics or cross-country flying.

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Looking for a cost effective way towards a NPPL ? Phone 01476 860 385 and ask for details of Motor Gliding tuition.


You don't need an engine to do aerobatics, just height and speed, we would love to show you some figures ! Read more about aerobatics at Buckminster. Each year we host the national glider aerobatics competition.