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13 year old wins aerobatic prize


Thirteen year old Robbie Rizk scored 83% in an aerobatics comp at Saltby, winning the beginners section.

Last weekend (25-27 May), the UK National Glider Aerobatic Contest was held at Buckminster Gliding Club. There were many fine displays by some of the best glider aerobatic pilots in the UK (and a couple of guest Europeans).

However, the most notable achievement was that Robbie Rizk, aged just 13, won the beginners class with a score of 82.6%. He also gained the highest score in the competition for his positioning, finesse and accurately flown manoeuvres in an ASK-21 glider.


He is the youngest person in the world ever to take part in a national aerobatics contest and had to fly with a safety pilot because he is not yet old enough to fly solo (the legal minimum age 16)!

Robbie’s father, George, is a pilot and instructor with Buckminster Gliding Club and first introduced his son to gliding at the age of 11. One of his instructors commented ‘Robbie is a natural pilot and shows the flair and skill that is normally seen in much more experienced pilots. He is destined to go far and could well be future ‘Red Arrows’ potential.