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300k Club Triangle


This is one of many 300km flights possible from Saltby and your primary choice of a task should be based on Notams and weather! IF this flight makes sense once you have checked both of these then it is a valid 300km triangle for you to fly and enjoy! The task, from Saltby (SBY) to Caxton Gibbet (CAX) to Morton in the Marsh (MOR), is 305km.

The leg between MOR and SBY has airspace limitations on the maximum height you can climb to, so many pilots choose not to ‘cut the corner’ but rather fly back along the second leg (CAX – MOR) and take advantage of any higher cloud bases, without the airspace limitations. Remember to check the current airspace restrictions on your up-to-date chart and to adjust your altimeter or ‘PDA’ to correctly give you a flight level (FL) reading.

[Thanks to Chris Davidson]