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Anyone for Tennis?!


This is an “Enterprise” style task which involves a horizontal line through the centre of Saltby (SBY). The task is to fly to within 1km of any BGA turn point above or below the line, and then to cross the line (think tennis ‘net’) and fly to within 2km of any BGA turnpoint on the other side, repeat this crossing of the ‘net’ up to 3 times, turning as many turn points as you wish, before returning to Saltby (SBY). A sample task is shown to the left. You can decide which BGA turn points to turn as you fly and you score the flight as 1 point per Km between each turn point, starting at SBY, plus 5 bonus points for each turn point turned. By using turn points close to Saltby, such a Belviour Castle (BVR) and Colsterworth (CSW) you can create tasks that stay close to the airfield, or venture further field, such as shown in the example, which would score 205 points worth of Km plus a bonus of 20 points for the four turn points.

[Thanks to Chris Davidson]