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Three Legged Race


This is another ‘Enterprise’ style task, consisting of 3 legs, north, south and east, each leg has 6 BGA turn points at distances between 7km and 116km away from Saltby. The task is to fly down one or more leg, to any of the 6 TPs, and then fly back to within 2km of Saltby (SBY) and then, if you wish, do the same down another of the legs. The minimium task would be to turn the closest TP (CSW) and return to SBY, scoring 14km (7km out and return), the maximum would be to turn the furthest TP on each leg (returning to within 2km of SBY each time) for a total of 680km! You can decide which TP to turn and which legs to do whilst you are flying. CHECK NOTAMS before you fly, to make sure there are not airspace issues either on-route or at the chosen turn points and then adapt the turn points to avoid these restrictions! About a third of the way down each leg is a gliding club, to help minimise the chance of a field landing. Have fun!

[Thanks to Chris Davidson]