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Vintage update


It has been a productive year for the Buckminster Vintage Group. If you look in the Cook hangar you will see a Skylark 2 (serviceable) and a Slingsby T31 (3/4 way through its CofA).

These are the first gliders in the recently re-invigorated Buckminster Vintage Group.  The  aims of the group are to promote the preservaton and operaton of vintage gliders at Saltby.

The group is open to all members of BGC for a cost of £120 a year (pro rata to 31 Mar). The fees contribute to the cost of hangarage, insurance and CofA ,and allow you to fy both gliders for just the launch fee.

The fleet includes a Slingsby Prefect and a Cadet, also a Mucha. It is planned to rotate these gliders through the hangar spaces as time progresses. If you want to be part of this unique and interestng fying opportunity, or simply just want to know more about vintage gliders please contact David-John (DJ) Gibbs at    david_john_gibbs at