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Buckminster Gliding Club is recognised as the leading centre for glider aerobatics nationally. A full range of training is available for complete beginners through to those practicing aerobatics for world class competitions and display flying.

Initial training is in our club K21 or Puchacz aircraft, whichever you are most used to. More advanced training in rolling and inverted flight will be in the K21. Beyond that, private aerobatic gliders like the Lunak, Fox and Swift, with the country’s top pilots, are based at our site, Saltby. We have a range of instructors, all experienced competition pilots, to teach all the levels; Beginners, Sports Class, Intermediate, Advanced and Unlimited.

Pilots from the all over the world come to Saltby for two annual events, the British Aerobatic Association competitions and the National Glider Aerobatic Championships. BGC is well orientated towards glider aerobatics and it has the vital support of its CFI and the club committee. The club operational procedures incorporate aerobatic provisions such as allocating exclusive airspace for aerobatics use on a daily basis.

BGC operates a Robin tug aircraft to give rapid launches to 4,000ft, the standard launch height, and the tug pilots and experienced in providing the aerobatic pilot’s needs. As a gliding club, we operate all year round except Christmas day, both weekends and weekdays, and we have hard runways and so are less affected by the weather than most.

So, if you want to compete in this spectacular sport or you just want to be able to do loops and develop your aircraft handling skills, Saltby is the place to go.