Office: 01476 860 385 Launch point: 01476 347496 Email: office at buckminstergc co uk

Your first flight should be exciting, enjoyable, and safe. That's the aim of a flying experience.

We offer three levels, to suit your budget and degree of interest. The fundamentals are the same: a dedicated instructor, safety and flight briefing, and one or more flights. The difference is the time in the air and the depth of knowledge that we try to give.

The flight and aircraft type will be chosen by your instructor on the day, primarily to suit your needs, and taking into account the weather conditions, as well as the equipment and instructor availability. You can request a specific launch or flying type if you have a preference. You are welcome to bring friends and family to watch and take photographs. There are toilets and catering facilities at the club house and on the airfield.

You can use the options below to book a flight using Paypal, or you can contact the office during office hours.